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Artist Statement

Multi-level Paintings:  These abstract paintings have evolved from rectangular, single level paintings to three-dimensional “wall sculptures”.   They are constructed on multiple levels with a balance of texture and color added to make them unique and interesting.  Each level of the work is a complete painting onto itself, yet when viewed together it crates a larger complete and balanced painting.  Each work depicts the interesting pace of life today with inherent uncertainty and changing perspective.  My works are intended to encourage flights of fancy and imagination based upon one’s own life experiences.    Enjoy….



Currently providing Workshops and Demonstrations
More than 35 years as a selling Artist
More than 10 years as a teacher
     Taught oil, watercolor, and acrylic mediums
     Developed many students to successfully market their works
     Developed some students to become successful teachers

Art Memberships
International Society of Experimental Artists
National Oil & Acrylic Painters' Society
Ann Arbor Women Artist
Brighton Art Guild        

Art Training

Springmaid Watermedia Seminar, Myrtle Beach SC
Intensive Studies Seminar, Taos NM
Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center, Birmingham MI
Madonna University, Livonia Michigan


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